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$22 PER HOUR! 4 Golfers Per Bay!


Limit of 4 golfers per bay!


Zero alcohol policy!


Indoor Shoes Only!

5 Bays To Choose From

 Book your time by clicking on the button below and play golf virtually in ultra HD 4K graphics while choosing from 150,000+ courses. Get real-time data about shooting distance, ball speed, club face angle, and many more statistics. Whether you're a professional golfer or just learning the game, The Range is the place you need to take your skills to the next level.


Will help you reach the golf goals you never knew you had

  1. Fully automated facility with your own personal entry code

  2. Most affordable rates in the GTA

  3. Instantaneous gameplay with zero loading time between holes

  4. Realistic ball flight trajectory, bounce, and roll

  5. Stunning resolution with 4K Ultra HD graphics

  6. Famous golf courses such as Pebble beach, TPC Sawgrass, St Andrews

  7. Unlimited golf courses

  8. Real-time play online

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New Bay 4


  1. Choose your preferred tee time from the calendar on our booking system, then complete the procedures to pay and complete your reservation.

  2. Your booking confirmation will be sent via email instantly.

  3. Smart door access link will be emailed a few minutes after your booking is confirmed.

  4. Find the email with the access link from your Inbox or JUNK MAIL FOLDER on smartphone. Click the link to access the facility.

  5. You can access the facility 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after your reserved time slot.

  6. Your bay will turn on at the start of your booking, and turn off once your time is up.

  7. Since we are an unmanned 24hr facility, please do your part in keeping the place clean for the next customer and to avoid clean up fee's.


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